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Casinos now accept payments by phone bill

pay by phone

Here’s a fact. Mobile phone usage has surpassed desktop in 2016. As technology advances, we are pretty sure computers will become virtually obsolete. Instead, your one mobile device will be able to do it all – project big screens or fold to a tiny hand-held device.

One of the recent tech advances that we are excited about is ability to pay for your mobile casino games by phone. Right now, you may be shrugging and thinking to yourself, weren’t people able to wager via their phones since like the 1930s?

Of course. You would call your bookmaker, ask them to make a wager for you, then pay him or claim your winnings by meeting somewhere.

Moreover, a variety of payment systems now allow you to use your mobile device to transfer money to a zillion of different merchants. That’s not the problem. Ease of use is.

What the new technology allows is play-then-pay instead of pay-to-play style of services. What that means is you can start playing immediately after you confirm your mobile phone number instead of having to make a deposit first.

Whether that is good or bad news, probably depends which side you are on. But all in all, it is probably good news for the end user. We all want options. They allow weighing the alternatives and making the best choice based on the information we are presented. In theory, at least. In reality, sometimes we cannot make a choice just because we have too many options. It may still be better than having nothing to choose from at all. Visit here to know what are your options for pay by phone online casinos.


How does Phone Bill Mobile Payments Work for Casinos?

Luckily, it’s incredibly simple. All you have to do is to verify your phone number. As your casino account is connected with your phone number, you can make one-click deposits and pay for them when the bill comes to your door.

There is a problem., though. What if you lose your phone? Is your account safe?

In case of an emergency, you would have to proceed as you would normally. So, if you would lose your phone without a casino app, would you have to take any safety measures? Probably, yes. You would have to call your bank, cell phone carrier, etc. In this case, all of the same steps apply with an addition of the online casino.

Safest Way to Pay By Phone at Online Casinos

So, you’ve taken all the precautions, your phone has a fingerprint lock and a 4-digit pin code. You’ve also installed app blocking programs for an additional layer of security.

If you insist on one more, there is one method that is safer than bank transfers, e-wallets, etc. Pre-paid phone cards!

Why not? You get the same benefits of pay-by-phone method but no risk. If you lose your phone, or even if it gets stolen, you might lose the maximum that is in already on your phone balance. Not to say the process is not safe. Visit here for more information.

All in all, mobile games make waiting in lines much more fun. You should try.

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