Free Slotomania Coins: How to Get 10,000 Slotomania Coins in ONE Click

Slotomania Free Coins

Slotomania Free Coins On FacebookBeing the most popular slots game on Facebook, Slotomania is the social casino on everyone’s mouth. Since I like their platform a lot and I don’t like to pay for my games – I developed a proven strategy to earn pretty much as many Slotomania free coins as you want.

By using this strategy, you begin to play at Slotomania with 10,000 free coins. Then, once everything is set, you can scale the bonus up to a virtually unlimited number of free Slotomania coins.

You do not need to download any software nor to hack the Slotomania platform – you just need to use three things:

How I Found The Doorway to Get Slotomania Free Coins

I am not going into the specifics here because I bet you are not here to learn the fine art of coding – but I need you to understand a few basic principles.

This is a legit method to get free coins for Slotomania. While a lot of websites offer you tricks that will get you free coins today and a ban tomorrow, my method is 100% legit because is based on one simple thing: Slotomania’s code.

slotomania free coins generators do not work
These Slotomania free coins generators are pure bulls**t

You do not need to understand code to get the free coins. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the difference between a line of C++, one of HTML, and one pf PHP. I do, and that’s what makes the free coins possible.

Yes, I used a scraper. I am a lazy guy. I like girls, beer, and sports on TV. Whenever I look for doorways like this one, I use a scraper. Think Scrapebox on steroids. Think the kind of scraper you will never hear about. And that’s because I developed it.

Discovering the right way to get the free coins for Slotomania was easy. Once you know how most Facebook apps work, it doesn’t take more than one hour or two to find the bonus page they forgot to take down and that can give you more free coins than you could ever ask for.

[+10,000 Free Coins] Step 1: The Right Link

This promotion works only if you open an account through the link below. This is what I discover with my scraper and this is what I chose to share here on my blog.

click here to get free coins to play at Slotomania

If you don’t want to let your Facebook friends know that you play Slotomania slots online, you can hide it. I’d expect everyone to know about this little trick but, just for the sake of it, let me explain everything one more time.

Once you sign up from the page that gets you 10,000 Slotomania free coins, you need to grant the game some permissions – including the one to post to your account.

Here’s when you can cheat. Choose to make Slotomania’s posts visible only to yourself – and you will have just landed 10,000 free coins to play at Slotomania without no one knowing about your dirty hobby. Pretty neat, right?

[+1,750 Free Coins / Week] Bronze Level Bonus

As soon as you start to play at Slotomania, you are eligible for a 250 free coins daily bonus connected to your status. You can make the bonus go up all the way to 1,000,000 free coins – but you need to reach the Level Diamond for that. And that’s where patience kicks in.

While you work your way up the ladder to get your daily dose of free coins and play Slotomania games for free, here’s how to get the daily bonus of 250:

Open Slotomania to Get More Free Coins

That’s it. Really. As soon as you launch the game, you can claim the bonus and play slots games for free. I know that 250 might not be enough to play for hours at every game, but I love Civilitreasures and if I don’t go for the highest limit (300 coins / spin), I can spin plenty with the 250 free coins bonus.

[+Unlimited Free Coins] The Tournaments

Honestly speaking, I have a hard time to understand why people don’t play tournaments all the time. I might not give a fuss about the competition itself, but, think about this:

  • When you play a regular game, you only win what your winning spins give you
  • When you play a tournament, you win what your winning spins give you + a share of the event’s prize pool.

So, seriously, check out the full list of all the slots tournaments running right now.

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